Who is Emma-Jayde?

Member of the Indigenous Art Code (IartC).
Emma-Jayde is a proud Mutti Mutti woman from the Mallee region of the New South Wales/ Victorian border, growing up along the banks of the Murray River and the eucalyptus trees.

"I come from a strong matriarchal lineage and grew up surrounded by the art of my Aunty’s and Mother, Annabelle Sharman. I was often allowed to join in and paint providing I helped with upcoming expos/ making cuppas etc. I also spent time being babysat by my Uncle, an amazing didge artist. I spent alot of time watching him burn Murray cod, perch, goanna and kangaroos onto didgeridoos and clap sticks.
I moved at the age of 18 and have been living and loving Yuin Country, along the South Coast of New South Wales from the age of 19, with my husband and son."

Emma-Jayde is a contemporary, intuitive artist; drawing inspiration from the colours of Mother Earth, and her songs. Current mediums used in her works include canvas and acrylic. Paint offerings include sales of original artworks and commissions, and will soon be releasing limited edition prints.

ARTIST STATEMENT: To connect to my culture through art. To connect to the songs of my ancestral lines. The art I create intends to tell the kinds of stories that bring people home to their own story. Every time we paint we have the potential to strengthen our connection to the Dreamtime.
Inner vision gets stronger as you connect to the Dreaming, and painting what I see there and sharing it with others is what I feel called to do”